Look alive, people: Noah Centineo, erstwhile (and future) Boy I’ve Loved Before, noted Selena Gomez fanboy, and current corny tweeter, is returning to a Netflix near you to, once again, play a fake boyfriend—and probably find real love in the process. The streaming platform just revealed a couple of first-look photos at its newly acquired feature, The Perfect Date, with Centineo, Austin and Ally star Laura Marano (Centineo also appeared on the show as a brief love interest of Marano’s Ally), and Riverdale actor Camila Mendes.

In The Perfect Date, which was renamed from its original title, The Stand-In, Centineo plays Brooks Rattigan, a high school student who attempts to earn money to pay for college by offering up his services as pretend-boyfriend to women “for every kind of situation you can imagine,” per the film’s IMDb page.

“Very Important Announcement Alert,” Netflix captioned a diptych of the film stills. “Noah Centineo will pretend to be your boyfriend this summer!” (With no release date announced yet, “this summer” is as close as we’re getting to a timeline right now.) “So excited to finally talk about this!!!!,” Marano wrote in a post to her own feed. “See you guys this summer.” (At time of publication, Mendes and Centineo had yet to repost the announcement and photos themselves.) In the two photos, Centineo can be seen on dates with Mendes and Marano’s characters, respectively—out to a nice dinner, all dressed up, and at what looks to be prom or something like it.

Jenny Han, the writer of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before novel, commented: “Okay we need to get Peter in a tux.” In addition to The Perfect Date, Centineo will appear in the forthcoming To All the Boys sequel (in which, spoiler alert, he’s probably going to play a real, rather than fake, boyfriend), as well as Jackie Chan’s The Diary and the new Charlie’s Angels remake with Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart.

Congratulations, Noah Centineo; you’re the fake boyfriend everyone wants to date.

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