Pretty Fly

Olivia Bransbourg’s cool cult magazine—and fragrance.


Not quite six years ago, Olivia Bransbourg, a globe-trotting gallery and artist assistant with no publishing or fashion experience, launched a series of uniquely obsessive little magazines. Titled ICONOfly, each installment zeroed in on one of her passions (boots, bags, watches, eyeglasses…). Two issues prompted scent incarnations: The first fragrance served only as a gift at the issue’s launch; the other has become a phenomenon. “I thought that if a bracelet became a fragrance, it would shout, ‘Attache moi!’ [Tie me up!],” says the French-born Bransbourg. With just that name to go on, perfumers Christine Nagel and ­Benoist Lapouza created a blend of amber, musk, woods, and resins. It wasn’t supposed to live past the limited run that the Parisian store Bon Marché sold as part of an exhibition in 2009, but today it’s still on the shelves at Barneys New York, and another fragrance is in the works. Next up on the publishing schedule: “Either the scarf or the hat,” she muses. “Or the shoe. Or a fork. Or a sofa. Give me something and I’ll make an issue out of it.”