Olivia Colman Was Too Drunk To Remember Her Famous Oscars Speech

So that explains it.

91st Annual Academy Awards - Show
Kevin Winter

The Golden Globes have long had the reputation of being the drunkest awards show of the season, and hence the most fun to watch. But Olivia Colman is here to tell us not to discount the Oscars, because Hollywood’s elite get pretty plastered there, too.

That certainly explains Colman’s painfully charming speech at the 2019 Oscars, where, in an upset, she beat out Glenn Close and took home Best Actress for her performance in The Favorite. During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Colman said that she can’t remember her instantly iconic speech because she’d had too much to drink, The Independent reports.

Since the Oscar telecast is notoriously booze-free, you might be wondering if Colman snuck a flask into the proceedings, or maybe she just had one helluva pre-party. Wrong. According to Colman, the drinking happens at a bar behind the auditorium during the actual ceremony itself. “There are hundreds of seat fillers so almost everybody is in the bar getting bladdered,” she said.

During her speech, Colman said that she hoped her kids were watching because she likely would never win another Oscar. And while she may be right about that (winning an Oscar is really hard, y’all), there’s definitely some more hardware in her future, perhaps sooner rather than later. In just over a week, we finally get to see Colman’s turn as Queen Elizabeth in the third season of Netflix’s The Crown, which drops November 17. The show was an awards magnet for Claire Foy in the first two seasons, and based on early trailers, Colman is likely to clean up when the next Emmys roll around. That means more awards for her, and more drunk speeches for us!

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