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Can't find time for a Buddhist monastery retreat? No worries—the monastery is coming to you. Starting February 21, New York City's Milk Gallery will be the first U.S. stop for an exhibit celebrating the work of the late Shinjo Ito who, with his wife, founded a strain of Buddhism in 1936 called Shinnyo-en ("garden of truth") that now claims nearly one million followers. Milk will also offer workshops on meditation and yoga to the public during the show's run.

Featuring Ito's sculpture, calligraphy, and photography, the exhibit drew hundreds of thousands of visitors when it was on view in Japan. The February 20 opening party is expected to draw a Zen-fabulous crowd, including Robert Thurman (Uma's dad), Duncan Sheik, Zoe Kravitz, Karim Rashid and Donna Karan, who will host a post-preview dinner at Stephen Weiss Studio.