[#image: /photos/5853864257dfc3b0230f7f87]||||||We love a good layer around here, but when the dog days of summer hit, we'll happily shed a few. And thanks to the ever-expanding range of tops and frocks with built-in shapewear, it's getting easier than ever to leave the Agent Provocateur in the lingerie drawer for a spell.

L.A.-based Ardy Raminfar is doing his bit to help women lighten up. As the owner and creative director of Bordeaux, a peppy contemporary collection loved by Hollywood hotties Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere, he's not only incorporating his figure-flattering Seamless technology into many of the Bordeaux styles, he's also tossing acrylic stones and Swarovski crystals into the mix. In other words, on a real scorcher, gals can skip the jewelry too.

An equal-opportunity designer, Raminfar covers the waterfront, age-and body type-wise. To that end, he's made sure that the Bordeaux Seamless pieces can accommodate undergarments if necessary. "If you break down our customer base, we have the younger girls whose bodies are a little bit more toned, and they're confident without a bra," he says. "And then we have the older customer, who may have little bulges. They could wear their own bra for lift and support, and then the rest of the Seamless would do the work around the stomach. We've engineered it with pretty much everyone in mind." Apparently, Raminfar's egalitarian approach is working; Oprah's also a big fan.