A Dash of Salt

W‘s beauty director shares her cooking secret.


As much as I love me a good cookbook, when I hit words like “chiffonade” or “ganache,” I find myself grabbing the laptop and googling for help. Fortunately, Salted, a new online cooking school, has all you need in the realm of kitchen aid. It offers full-blown courses (“Grilled Cheese Master Class,” “Grilling Bootcamp,” and “All About the Avocado”) and lessons in basics (“How to make chicken stock,” “Everything you need to know about yeasts,” and “How to Chiffonade”) from a team of chefs from around the country. There’s even a Chef Hotline, where you can pose your problem and hear back within thirty minutes-before whatever you have in the over starts to burn.

Annual membership is $99, monthly $9.99, but type in the code word JANE through the end of December and get a free three-month trial membership!