Five minutes with Milan hair master Alessandro Lisi

For many of Milan's most stylish women (not to mention Anna Wintour, when she's in town), the only hairstylist trusted to tend their coifs is Alessandro Lisi of Area #6 salon. The handsome Lisi, whose...


Some of your colleagues make a point of only styling women. Do you also have men coming to your salon? Women, men: they’re all part of my clientele. There’s no distinction really, I simply say that my clients are “uomini e donne,” men and women, simply people — but both with good taste!

You style many notable names — among them Jessica Alba, Queen Rania of Jordan, Anna Wintour, Lindsay Lohan — as well as fashion editors and all these very chic Milanese women: do you have any favorites among your clients? I make a point of behaving the same and treating every client the same. It doesn’t matter whether they’re big celebrities or my regular clients’ little kids: everybody has something special that makes them and their own look quite unique.

What’s your philosophy? In my work and in my life alike: freedom and respect for other people.

How do you feel about those who constantly change their hairstyles (like Lady Gaga) versus those who maintain more or less one look through the years (like Mariah Carey)? I definitely love Lady Gaga’s genius in being such a wonderful chameleon and for the constant evolution of her look. But there’s really something to be said for someone like Mariah Carey, who keeps the same hairstyle but is very careful to maintain her hair’s health, the right color, and the generally healthy, lovely look of her hair.

What’s the latest trend? Mid-length, 1950s-inspired layered styles with a nice fullness and consistency. But you must always, always consider a person’s face and bone structure before you plunge into the latest style.

Give us some easy take-home advice. Always make sure to use a shampoo that’s free of surface-active agents. I also advise a weekly restorative treatment with palm oil, which can be easily done at home.

What are your plans for the future? I’m thinking of moving to a larger salon not far from here, but I want the new location to have the same intimate, easy vibe.

You have clients from all over the world: let’s have fun and generalize a little. How would you describe the difference between your Italian, American and French clients? The Italians: exacting. The Americans: elegantly free. The French: innately sophisticated.

Salone Area 6, Corso Concordia 6, Milan. Telephone: 02 36566257

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