Miami-based stylist and editorial shoot regular, Oribe, is the mastermind behind January Jones’s tough-girl hair-do in W's May issue. “Her role in the new X-Men movie is such a departure from Betty Draper, so Craig McDean and Lori Goldstein thought we should give her a look that’s really modern and cool,” explained the hairstylist. His translation: Deconstructed rockabilly.

A thorough blow-drying of Jones’s blonde bob coated with his Volumista spray was followed with a swift separation of the top section of her hair, which he clipped and put aside for a bit. Next, he liberally spritzed the rest of her hair with his yet-to-be-launched texturizing styling product, Apres Beach, then pulled back the pieces on her temples into a slicked back half-pony and combed everything to lie flat on Jones’s neck. “Pulling the hair back on the sides really let her cheekbones show,” said Oribe. When he finally unclipped the crown hair, he backcombed it into an Elvis-inspired bouffant, which, after the first shot, became increasingly tousled with each additional pump of Apres Beach. “The look started out more perfect but as the shoot went on, I just kept dismantling it into a cooler, rougher finish.”