As exciting as it was, let's face it: last week's inauguration hoopla is bookended by some serious January blahs. To get through this decidedly dreary month, we've been shopping (or at least raiding our closets, attics, etc.) Today's installment features our favorite frost-defying college-era boots, sweaters, cozy coats and other must-haves.

[#image: /photos/58538d20d3b7a5db18f3b81f]||||||From left: L.L. Bean boots, Nicole Brundage booties.

"In true recession style, I discovered my old Sorel boots in my parents' garage when I was home for Christmas," says
Sarah Taylor. "I bought them 12 years ago when I worked the chairlift lines in Aspen. They're grungy-chic and lined with shearling. I'm waiting for enough New York snow to bust them out with tights and a mini."

Jane Larkworthy is also tapping into nostalgia. "I've been trying to break my L.L. Bean boots in," she says. "Unfortunately, they still look ridiculously new. But I love to wear them because they take me right back to college. Makes it tough to resist the urge to dig up my other Bean faves, like Ragg sweaters. Also, wool tights from H&M are the best buy in town. And I can't forget my Columbia fleece pants. I like to think that when I'm wearing them, I look like one of those women in an old postcard from Gstaad, posing at the top of a mountain."

"I've been getting great use out of my Maria Cornejo `cuddle coat,'" says
Brooke Magnaghi. "So cozy."

Jamie Rosen seconds that emotion. "For me, it's all about coats," she says, "like the shiny, puffy Spiewak that I purchased last year for entirely utilitarian reasons. But I've come to love the humongous hood and the fact that I can dress schleppy underneath and still have a semblance of chic. I also absolutely adore my Nicole Brundage black stiletto ankle boots. They keep my feet covered and I can walk forever in them."

"It's safe to say that I've been living in Inhabit sweaters," says
Rebecca Ramsey. "And I'm so happy with my H&M hat."