Dylan Jagger and Brandon Thomas Lee, Pamela Anderson’s Sons, Are More Than Just California Boys

California natives Dylan Jagger, 18, and Brandon Thomas Lee, 20, love to surf and skate, of course, but are now stepping out on their own with aspiring careers in music and acting. Plus, they’ve made their way to front row at fashion week.


Pamela Anderson married Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee 96 hours after they first met. The Baywatch star wore a bikini instead of a wedding dress and gave birth to their first son, Brandon Thomas Lee, in 1996. In 1997, the couple welcomed Dylan Jagger Lee into the world, and then in 1998, they were divorced. It was a classic California coup de foudre (with one or two sex tapes to show for it), but the important thing is that Anderson and Lee produced two charming, handsome, and ambitious offspring to carry the torch.

While Brandon Lee, 20, and Dylan Jagger, 18, both took most of the summer off to surf and skate (Brandon is also currently on a road trip), the brothers had a busy season attending men’s fashion shows like Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and before that, Saint Laurent in Los Angeles — a brand for which Dylan has also modeled…shirtless. They grew up attending various Hollywood functions with their parents (events with mom, concerts with dad), so it’s no surprise that Brandon now wants to be an actor and Dylan a musician. In the fall, Dylan will head back to school, but in the meantime, they both took the time to reflect on what they’ve learned from their bombshell mom.

Last purchase: DJ: Balmain jeans. BT: I went to Wasteland on Melrose and bought a bunch of old tees.

Something you would never wear: DJ: Crocs BT: Fur

Lusting after: DJ: Fear of God bomber jacket and jeans. BT: More Amiri jeans

Wildest thing you own: DJ: A Saint Laurent neon pink, yellow, and blue cardigan that I wore in a shoot once. Still have it! BT: I have a Versace Sheriff bolo tie.

Most prized possession in your closet: DJ: My blue metallic Tom Ford suit. BT: My white Amiri jeans. I wear them all the time.

What your mom has taught you about style and modeling: DJ: For style, she tells me simplicity is key. And for modeling, she tells me to look good. Ha! BT: Not much, actually. My mom stopped dressing me when I was very little. Ever since then, I’m usually the one helping her with her outfits.

First day of school outfit: DJ: On my first day of school I wore black Saint Laurent skinny jeans and a vintage white t-shirt with black Saint Laurent boots.

Preferred swim/surf wear: DJ: James Perse! Or for surf brands RVCA.

Favorite skate brands: DJ: It would have to be Creature.

Best advice from mom about life, love, and beauty: DJ: Be true to yourself and never let anyone get in your way of success! She says I need my “beauty sleep” lol! And love is a tricky one. But she tells me: “Love will find you, rather than you searching for it.” BT: She’s always just told me to follow my heart, and if I truly believe in what I’m doing, success and happiness will follow me.

Number of unread emails, texts, and/or DMs at this very moment: DJ: All I know is that is says 99+ in my DMs and looks like I have about 32 texts. Emails only 1. I’m always checking my emails.

Funniest Instagram comment: DJ: It’s pretty funny when moms comment on my photos. Lol!

Favorite emoji: DJ: ? BT: ?

Biggest group text (number of people): DJ: Oh definitely my team “VS” and there’s 13 people. BT: 15 or something like that.

Something you wouldn’t want your parents to see: DJ: My stash of money so they don’t take it! BT: Sometimes if I’m in a hurry… I don’t make my bed in the morning at my apartment.

Last movie that made you cry: DJ: “Patch Adams,” for sure. BT: “Safety Not Guaranteed”

Favorite subject in school: DJ: Calculus, because my teacher was the best! BT: Music.

Hidden talent(s): DJ: Trying to not make it so hidden, but I make music! BT: Gimme a bowl of grapes, I’ll throw them up in the air and catch them in my mouth one-by-one and not drop any of them.

Career goals: DJ: To perform live at Coachella! BT: In film, to make art, to make people think, and to do great work with great people.

Craziest celebrity encounter: DJ: I’m never to thrilled about seeing famous people. Doesn’t tend to phase me! I look up to a lot of them though! BT: I’ve never ever been one to idolize celebrities, only talented people. So my only moment I’ve ever had like that is with Beyoncé… My first year at Coachella I was backstage with my dad and he went over to say ‘Hi’ to some friends. I turned around and almost passed out haha. I said, ‘Hey,’ in a little boy voice and she called me ‘handsome.’ Let me tell you, that that shot my ego through the roof as a kid. I was 100 feet tall. No one could ever say anything to me that would take that away.

Someone you’d like to meet and/or work with in the future: DJ: I would love to work with the Chainsmokers on a track. Life goals! BT: I’ve always wanted to die in a Quentin Tarantino film.

What music are you listening to right now? BT: Well I’m on a road trip as we speak. Been a lot of Zeppelin, DJ Khaled’s new album, and a bunch of other stuff.

What TV shows are you watching? DJ: I’m re-watching Entourage! It’s the best! BT: Recently, I’ve been watching Stranger Things, which is amazing. I die laughing at every episode of Silicon Valley, and now I’m just sitting here waiting for the new season of South Park.

Something people don’t know about you: BT: Me and my roommate / best friend used to sneak out after hours at boarding school and steal the golf carts. We did laps in them around the pond in the front of our school. We never got caught, so that’s some pretty top secret stuff.

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Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
With Luke Gilford. Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Photo by Katie Thompson. Produced by Biel Parklee.
Still from “Connected.”
Still from “Connected.”
Still from “Connected.”
Still from “Connected.”

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