Trend: Rhapsody in Plume

Join the fashion flock and delight in colors of the peacock sort.


The fall runway collections boasted plenty of feathers—trailing down gowns, trimming accessories—not to mention loads of bird imagery. But there’s another avian trend at the forefront of the season: a color palette lifted straight from peacock plumage. That’s of the male variety, though; one who takes to flaunting his fabulously iridescent quills to woo the far less extravagant-looking peahen. To be sure, there’s something irresistibly alluring and glamorous about these jewel-tone hues, including brilliant emeralds, indigos and purples—even exotic pops of fuchsia here and there. They don’t call it peacock proud for nothing.

Fashion assistant: Brian O’Connor. Flying Fig’s scarf at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; KH Kaeppel’s tapestry,; Arte Vetraria Muranese’s vase,; Distant Origin’s lamp,; Canopy Designs’ chandelier at ABC Carpet & Home, New York.