People Are Recreating Artworks With Random Things They Find at Home

Stuck at home, people are getting creative.

People recreating art works.

If you can’t go to the art museum, why not be the art museum? That seems to be the trend in Europe right now. Art lovers stuck inside in isolation have decided to recreate their favorite works of art using themselves as models and random objects they have sitting around their house as their medium.

The Instagram account @tussenkunstenquarantaine (“tussen kunst en quarantaine” is Dutch for “between art and quarantine”) has been collecting some of the best examples. Launched on March 14th, the account already has over 113,000 followers and 412 posts. Contributors are finding inspiration in everything from Renaissance classics to contemporary masterpieces to even some Banksy. Maurizio Cattelan’s infamous Art Basel Miami Beach banana has also received a few tributes.

Apparently being forced to sit at home and look at all the random stuff you happen to already own breeds its own type of special creativity. It also seems to be a great alternative for those of a creative persuasion who didn’t have time to run by the crafts store before all of this went down.

Some are finding inventive uses for their toilet paper supplies:

Others just remind us of how much we miss the outdoors:

Children are getting into the act as well.

At a time when our Instagram feeds are a bit too full of our friends showing off the bread loaves they’ve baked, this is certainly a welcome alternative. If we never have to hear the phrase “sourdough starter” again…

Who knows when we’ll be able to enjoy art in its natural habitat again, but for now this seems to be a good way to keep yourself entertained.

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