Nearly Naked

Skincare expert Nicholas Perricone expands into makeup.

Five years ago, the dermatologist Nicholas Perricone dipped his (no doubt very smooth) toe into the cosmetics world, adding a sheer imperfection-erasing liquid called No Foundation Foundation to his popular skincare line. Now, he’s going full-on with Perricone MD No Makeup Skincare, a collection for those of us who want the world to believe we’re just naturally gorgeous. There are no eye shadows or liners—just No Mascara Mascara, which provides clean, glop-free length; No Foundation Foundation Serum, a more matte take on the original; a concealer; a lipstick; No Bronzer Bronzer; and, my favorite, No Blush Blush, which gives cheeks that I-just-ran-five-miles flush. Now if only someone would invent the No Workout Workout.