“In what I’m sure was a huge shock for people who know me, I made a poor choice last week,” is how Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live’s resident self-aware, blue-haired former fiancé of Ariana Grande, began his bit on Weekend Update. He then apologized for making fun of Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw during a segment in which he mocked the congressional candidate’s looks. In that segment, Davidson cracked wise about Crenshaw’s eye patch, which he wears because he lost his eye while serving abroad in the United States Armed Forces. But Crenshaw got the last laugh in more ways than one. The Republican not only won his bid for a seat in Congress but also appeared on Weekend Update alongside Davidson to accept his apology, talk about Veteran’s Day...and roast the hell out of Pete for both his looks and his private life.

Before calling Davidson out for his looks, mostly his hair, Crenshaw let his cell phone ring, playing Ariana Grande’s “breathin’” and inspiring a pretty strong audience reaction. Davidson smiled through the awkwardness, which is pretty much the only thing you’re allowed to do when a recently elected congressman who is also a war hero roasts you on national television. “That’s cool...Ariana Grande song,” he commented, laughing after Crenshaw asked if Davidson knew the singer. In one of his trademark break-the-fourth-comedic-wall moments, Davidson admitted to the audience, “Eh, that was funny.”

Davidson has never been above acknowledging his public persona in his comedy. Earlier in the bit, he laments the toll the outrage took on his mother, mentioning that America was mad at her son “and roommate” now that he’s moved out of Grande’s apartment and, apparently, back in with his mom.

Ironically, Grande was able to give the best breakup advice of all without even appearing on the show: Just keep breathin’ and breathin’. And if that doesn’t work...thank u, next.

See the full interaction below:

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