Hermès Maison

A chair from his Les Nécessaires collection for Hermès Maison. Photograph courtesy of Hermès.

The 12 pieces that make up Philippe Nigro’s debut Les Nécessaires collection for Hermès Maison “aren’t meant to be the protagonists in an interior,” as the up-and-coming French designer puts it. Instead, they’re intended to fill in the blanks between the sofas and tables that stars like Jean-Michel Frank, Enzo Mari, and Antonio Citterio have already created for the French house. “They’re small objects with small functions that are very discreet,” says Nigro, pointing to a leather ottoman and a simple-looking walnut bench shaped like a pommel horse. And yet, thanks to Nigro’s sense of inventiveness, nothing is as easy to overlook as he would have you believe: The ottoman, the bench, and a side table all have hidden storage compartments; a room divider outfitted with Hermès textiles features a quirky asymmetrical frame; and a multitiered valet is more than just a thing on which to hang a suit. But then, as Nigro—who was inspired to create the collection after spending time in the company’s century-old archive—says, “There’s always something clever about an Hermès object.”