Prince Nikolai in his official portrait for his 18th birthday.

Steen Brogaard

If you think your family has a lot going on, it's time to take a break from your personal drama and get up to date with what the Danish royals have been cooking up lately. Last week, for example, while in Australia for a yachting regatta, Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, the country's 49-year-old heir to the throne, was carded at an Asian fusion bar called the Jade Buddha—and turned away from it when it transpired he didn't have an I.D.

The incident was of course caught on video, no doubt much to the furor of his father, who's sometimes also known as "the world’s grumpiest royal," Prince Henrik—not because of his son's bad behavior, but because it also meant taking away the attention from himself, after he made headlines earlier this month when he announced his refusal to be buried with his wife, Queen Margrethe II, in order to pettily draw attention to the fact that nearly half a century after his wife ascended to the throne, he still has yet to receive the honorific of king at the age of 83.

And so, it is with welcome arms amidst all this admittedly somewhat delightfully un-noteworthy drama that we welcome the newfound attention brought to Henrik's grandson, Prince Nikolai, who celebrated his 18th birthday on Monday—and therefore also his ascension to the title of most eligible, and apparently most level-headed, royal. (At least in his corner of Europe.)

Prince Nikolai posing in honor of his 17th birthday with his brother Felix.

Steen Brogaard

You see, even though the teen has been remarkably media-shy, we do know one fundamental thing about the prince, besides the fact that he has a driver's license and the first album he ever listened to was Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds: He harbors a love for "deep house music," which definitely didn't seem to be bopping on the royal yacht, Dannebrog, where his grandma Queen Margrethe hosted his birthday dinner party. (Sorry, eager meme-makers.)

At this point, though, the seventh in line to the Danish throne seems to have learned how to deal with his difficult family: Nikolai still obligingly posed for an endless series of photos with his family before boarding the yacht—a venue that was billed as an opulent experience, but conveniently enough for Margrethe just so happens to be where she's been staying for the week anyway.

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Prince Nikolai Of Denmark Celebrates His 18th Birthday At The Royal Ship Dannebrog
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie together with their children and Joachim’s former wife Alexandra Christina Manley at the dinner party to celebrate the 18th birthday of Prince Nikolai.

Ole Jensen/Corbis/Getty Images

Here's the thing, though: Earlier this year, his father Prince Joachim effectively excused his son from all royal duties, when he told Billed Bladet that Nikolai "should not be forced into something. Nikolai’s future shall be conducted entirely by his own plan."

What's more, Nikolai has nothing to gain from Margrethe personally: Earlier this year, it transpired that he'll be cut off from the royal family financially; he'll reportedly never receive any land, money, or title from Margrethe and Henrik, though his parents will support him through his education.

Prince Nikolai Of Denmark Celebrates His 18th Birthday At The Royal Ship Dannebrog
Prince Nikolai obligingly reporting for duty aboard Dannebrog.

Ole Jensen/Corbis/Getty Images

It appears, then, that Nikolai is simply a selfless gentleman—a rarity in and of itself, but especially amongst the royals. Here's hoping, then, that later in the night, Nikolai not only got to properly party, but also listen to his favorite song, Matoma's remix of Notorious BIG and Ja Rule's "Old Thing Back." The last we heard from the prince, the song makes him "very happy"—which is exactly how he seems to make the internet feel, too.

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