Cool Girls with Great Hair Inspired the Beauty Pros at Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2017 Show

Go backstage with W’s beauty director Jane Larkworthy.

The beauty look at Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2017 show celebrated individuals. “For the hair, it’s all about the casting,” explained hairstylist Anthony Turner. “We have every type of girl with every type of hair, which is really great. Girls have got great haircuts now, colors, layers, bangs. All sorts of things. Girls really are celebrating their own individuality now, which is really so important.”

To accompany the natural hair, makeup artist Diane Kendal kept the models’ faces neutral and clean. Jean, a member of Kendal’s team, explained that they were creating “perfected skin, and enhancing natural beauty that’s already there.” The team used MAC Waterweight SPF foundation to achieve an out-of-the-way effect that wouldn’t compete with the colors and textures used in the collection itself.

In contrast to the minimalist hair and makeup elements, nail artist Honey painted the models’ nails with several striking abstract symbols in a shade called “Liquid Leather.” But individualism reigned supreme here, as well. Only 17 of the models had the shapes applied to their fingernails.

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