queen elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth. Photo by Getty Images.

Badu, Erykah
Appropriately stars in the new Givenchy campaign, as she was the muse for Riccardo Tisci’s entire collection. No brainer.

Cyrus, Miley
Will sell items by Brian Lichtenberg during her #Bangerz tour. Ballin, homies.

Delevingne, Cara
Casually carried a Jedi-chic light saber through London. Hey, she has to protect herself from Harry Styles’s angry fandom somehow.

Deyn, Agyness
Launching a contemporary line under the name Title A, will save money on ad campaigns by posing each season à la Oprah.

Gevinson, Tavi
Has added to her college application that she is a three-time published author. Can no longer call herself a Rookie.

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Hired Taylor Tomasi Hill to cover New York Fashion Week, as Gwyneth Paltrow’s too busy avoiding a certain editor to attend shows.

Selected Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica as one of the brand’s team of riding ambassadors. Equestrians, chic?

Kempner, Nan
The legendary socialite’s grandchildren are designing a collection inspired by her memorable style. May we suggest a reality show documenting the family’s process called “Keeping up with the Kempners”?

Kors, Michael
Is now a billionaire. Thanks Project Runway and Americana-loving shoppers across the country.

Kroes, Doutzen
Announced her pregnancy like any other supermodel: with a nude photo on Instagram.

New York
Has been declared more fashionable than Paris, says New York magazine. Paris found a different result.

Posen, Zac
Revealed his love for Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, and Ann-Margret by releasing a musical lookbook on Spotify.

Queen Elizabeth
Declares that Kate Middleton's skirts are too short. Prince William entirely disagrees, naturally.

Rocha, Simone
The young designer announced a collaboration with J. Brand. Let’s all say it together: YES!!!!

Teamed up with Adidas Originals on a capsule collection; was clearly jealous of Riccardo Tisci’s Nike collaboration.

Has banned miniskirts. Queen Elizabeth has not offered her opinion, yet.

Werbowy, Daria
Is a Phoebe Philo lookalike in Celine’s new ad campaign. We’re jealous.