It's long been documented how Queen Elizabeth, that saucy Windsor matriarch, is a major enthusiast of horses. (Also corgis, obviously, but we're going to focus on thoroughbreds here.) Watch The Crown, and it's defined as such by the end of the pilot episode. Read a royal biography, and "Lilibet's" passion for horses will likely crop up by Chapter Two. Such knowledge is crucial to understanding the hilarity of the photos we're about to share with you, which involve 1) Queen Elizabeth, Aforementioned Noted Horse Lover, looking delightfully pissed off as ever at 2) a Horse Show.

The Daily Mail alerted us to these snaps, which occurred at the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show, a mere 2 minute commute for Her Majesty, since it takes place in her backyard at Windsor Castle. Let's start off with our Queen Elizabeth—decked out in a tasteful blue cardigan and tinted sunglasses above—checking out that sweet, sweet trotting action.

The horses. They neigh. They swing their tails. They trot some more. How passé.

Royal Windsor Horse Show 2018

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

"I wish Philip was here," said the queen, probably.

Royal Windsor Horse Show - Day One

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Queen even broke out the old "casually checking the time" trick. These equestrian tricks are amateurish to Lilibet.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Steve Parsons/Getty Images

God save these equestrians from the queen from this boredom.

Royal Windsor Horse Show 2018

Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

More urgently, god save these equestrians from this royal side-eye.