The Internet loves to joke about how awkward Rami Malek can be. He's gotten the meme treatment before, after declining to take a picture with a fan without realizing that said fan was already filming him. Just days after winning the Academy Award for his turn as Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, a shot of Malek listing things he's a "fan" of is picking up viral steam.

It was filmed as part of a commercial for Mandarin Oriental hotels. Their logo is a fan, ergo, their celebrity spokesperson Malek is talking about being "a fan" of things like... tea and his mom. Harmless enough, but Mahelek lists these things slowly, deliberately, haltingly. It's like if Julie Andrews sang "My Favorite Things" in a minor key. Sure, it's a list of nice stuff, but it's so robot.

For the record, Rami Malek is a fan of: "Freddie Mercury and Queen. I'm a fan of my mom; she's got my back. I'm a fan of chamomile tea. I'm a fan of handwritten letters. I'm a fan of... classic movies. I'm a fan of looking sharp regardless of the occasion. I'm a fan of random encounters. I'm a fan of traveling by train. I'm a fan of equal opportunities for all. I'm a fan of mischief. I'm a fan of being exactly who I wanna be."

Get it? He's a fan of... nice things! A little quirky but not too odd! To be fair, any one of us would look a little psycho staring into a camera and listing, unbidden, a random assortment of things we like.

Twitter is having fun with the video, comparing Malek to everything from a serial killer trying to look normal to a YA novel love interest trying to look like she has a cute personality. And everyone seems to agree that Malek is the perfect person to play a villain opposite James Bond, a role he's currently in final talks for. Check out our favorites from this meme, below:

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