Hot off the press is Swedish design house ACNE’s latest periodical, the thirteenth edition of ACNE Paper. The theme for lucky number 13—which comes in at an impressive 256-pages—is The Body. “…The seemingly confined limits of the human body became a canvas so large it’s beyond measure,” writes Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Thomas Persson. “Instead of trying to paint a complete picture we have chosen to illuminate certain artists who, in very different ways, have used the body as a point of departure to tell another kind of story—the story of being alive.”


Exploring this topic is an impressive array of creative bigwigs: Martin Clayton explores the anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci, Isabella Rossellini on “maturity, filmmaking and animal sexuality”, Paolo Roversi’s voyeuristic photos, and many more; each also doing their part to prove the power—and artistic relevance—of print.


“In our digital age it is heartwarming to see how our publication has become a collectors item among connoisseurs of magazines and printed matter all over the world,” says Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Thomas Persson.