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Cynthia Rowley's interns must really have a good sense of humor. Back in February, when we posted our design director Eddie Leida's graphic doodlings his friend Cynthia Rowley thought his image of two kissing hearts (or lips, or... derrieres), would make a hilarious t-shirt for the most notorious ass-kissers of all, her summer interns. Eddie agreed and an artistic collaboration was hatched.

Now it's summer and Cynthia's offices are filled with 12 interns throughout her design, sales, public relations and production departments. We recently sent photographer Lee Clower over to the Cynthia Rowley offices to catch them in the midst of their daily routines--from organizing boxes of shoes to hauling bags of clothes around the city--all wearing the Leida-designed tees.

So are the interns really brown nosers? As Jen, a design intern studying fashion at FIT, says diplomatically, "You want to make a good impression." After all, she adds, "two of the head designers used to be interns." (See more fun photos after the jump.)

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Photographs by Lee Clower