Last week, a new player joined the Internet's retail fray: Jetsetter, a spin-off of Gilt Groupe, the go-to designer sample sale site. The premise is similar to Gilt, except that instead of clothes on offer, it's hotel rooms in dapper destinations. (On sale tomorrow: The Peninsula in New York and the Colony Palms in Palm Springs.) Amy Ziff, the site's creative director, says that Jetsetter's strong editorial voice -- freelance writers and Jetsetter employees review all of the spots -- gives it its edge. "We take great care to represent a property accurately. That includes saying, this place is great, but the restaurant is overrated, don't bother- go down the street to XYZ instead," she says.

Also helpful for would-be jetsetters: sales will start at 8 pm, so you can coordinate with your significant other or pals (versus Gilt Groupe's noon start-time).

Membership is open to anyone currently registered with Gilt Groupe. The site has also extended an invitation to readers of the Editors' Blog -- click HERE.