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Renaud Pellegrino; Alexander McQueen

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Miu Miu; Louis Vuitton

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Chanel; YSL

As the newly appointed accessories and jewelry director here at W, I could not have asked for a more wildly imaginative season to begin playing with all of the bags, shoes, gloves, glasses, hats and baubles that find their way into our office. Given all the color and whimsical themes that abound for spring, it's obvious that designers have struck an optimistic chord—or is escapism at the core? Either way, there is something amazing for everyone's mood this season. As we gear up for our frenetic winter shooting schedule, our closet is already brimming with some of the best bags the collections have to offer. From fantastical to ultracool and chic, here's a peek at what we've got our hands on this week.

McQueen: George Chinsee; others: John Aquino