Rihanna in a sparkly jumpsuit made by a 22-year-old, Rihanna in a gigantic puffer coat sourced from a twenty-something in Finland, Rihanna in a Hillary Clinton t-shirt she literally took off a 25-year-old's back: over the last few years, Rihanna has hardly hidden her appreciation for up-and-coming designers—something that's finally getting official recognition in May with this year's Parsons School of Design Benefit, which is honoring her this year alongside Neiman Marcus and Eileen Fisher.

"I feel a deep connection to the school," Rihanna said in a statement. That much has been clear through her support of alums like Adam Selman, whom she unforgettably championed in a sheer custom dress covered in Swarovski crystals at the 2014 CFDA Awards, and Melody Ya Jun Lin, whose massive senior thesis jacket she wore onstage to perform at the 2016 VMAs.

Rihanna's been known to show her support in other ways, too: the recent grad Matthew Adams Dolan now makes the oversized, denim-heavy creations Rihanna's particularly fond of in his TriBeCa studio while wearing a pair of powder blue furry Fenty slippers that she sent to him in a care package. Then there was the time she thanked her "favorite fan" Farren Fucci for his t-shirt by renting out an entire club, just so the pair could have a drink.

It's about time, then, that the youngins get a chance to show some love back to someone so benevolent that earlier this month, Harvard University named her Humanitarian of the Year. Plus, Rihanna's lately proven herself quite at home heading back to school, from her college campus acceptance speech to her fall 2017 Fenty Puma show in the National Library in Paris, where models marched down lamp-adorned tabletops while shredding some of the hundreds of rented books. If you thought she'd already reached peak athleisure levels then with slouchy varsity sweaters and slippers, just wait until she meets Eileen Fisher.

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