Rimowa Goes Uptown

The luggage brand opens a new store in New York.

Jared Leto and Alessandra Ambrosio

What: A celebration for luxury luggage brand Rimowa’s first New York City store.

When: Tuesday, October 28th

Where: The store’s Upper East Side location.

Who: Jared Leto, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jeremy Piven joined Rimowa’s CEO and President Dieter Morszeck at the fete.

Why: In addition to getting a first look at the new store, guests also got to check out the exclusive cases designed by artist and curator Neville Wakefield, who was on hand for the evening. No one left empty handed.

Photos: Rimowa Goes Uptown

Jared Leto and Alessandra Ambrosio. Photo by

Melissa George. Photo by

Dieter Morszeck and Johannes Huebl. Photo by

Laure Heriard Debreuil, Aaron Young, and Neville Wakefield. Photo by

Alex Lundqvist. Photo by