Kirsten Dunst and the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York, New York, June 2016.

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Anderson, Laurie

The artist, musician, filmmaker, and all-around New York legend has been working out of the same Canal Street studio since 1975. In a new profile, she reflects on more than 40 years of New York and how to make art under a Trump presidency.

Athill, Diana

Ninety-nine-year-old memoirist and editor who has worked with the likes of Simone De Beauvoir and Margaret Atwood. With nearly a century of experience, Athill offers romantic advice and political musings in a new interview with Lenny.


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She may have a ways to go to an EGOT (though we don't doubt that's within her capabilities) but the expectant mother is now a Peabody winner for Lemonade.

See Roc Nation's newest star Justine Skye preview her hit single:


Out of this world!

Lepore, Amanda

The quintessential New York nightlife icon is finally baring it all in a new tell-all memoir, Doll Parts. She still throws parties like it's the '90s, too.

O'Reilly, Bill

As his pundit career was taking off, Bill O'Reilly published his first, and so far only, novel: Those Who Trespass, about a vengeful journalist. In the aftermath of O'Reilly being ousted from Fox News in the midst of mounting sexual harassment allegations, Jia Tolentino gives the novel a close read.


Rodarte has always put a premium on craftsmanship, and now the Mulleavy siblings will get their most comprehensive retrospective yet with a new exhibition at Washington, D.C.'s National Museum of Women in the Arts — the museum's first-ever fashion exhibition, designed to kick off a slate of fashion programming in the notoriously sartorially conservative city.