Rodarte Fall 2014

Rodarte Fall 2014. Photo courtesy of the designer.

“Those gowns made for great Instagram bait,” wrote’s Nicole Phelps of the finale series of evening dresses with giant Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 prints at Rodarte’s show on the sixth day of New York Fashion Week. “Which may have been the point. Laura and Kate Mulleavy may occupy a universe unto themselves, but they're not naïfs, and certainly no dummies.” Indeed, in the era in which we’re all looking for that one shot that will make a great post, the silk charmeuse looks provoked an Insta flurry. “Luke, I am your evening gown: Stars Wars dresses at #Rodarte. Who’s in?” wrote Glamour Editor in Chief Cindi Leive. Fashion consultant Roopal Patel was impressed (“I am a sucker for a Star Wars gown! Thank you @officialrodarte”), as was New York magazine’s Veronica Gledhill (“Oh my god, @OfficialRodarte's DEATH STAR dress. All about Sci-fi fashion.”), and Salon 94 founder Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (“Rodarte goes black tie with C-3PO- a classic gold!”). Reaction wasn’t all uniformly positive—Phelps herself thought they “just seemed silly”—but most concurred on the entertainment value. Said Jezebel, “Sorry, Opening Ceremony's chocolate wall, you are no longer the most fun/bloggable thing this season has yielded.”