Roxanne Lowit.copyright Yvonne Scio

Roxanne Lowit. Photo copyright Yvonne Scio.

In “Magic Moments,” a new documentary about Roxanne Lowit that premiered at the 2015 Venice Film Festival earlier this month, filmmaker Yvonne Scio follows the famous fashion photographer to Paris, where she began shooting fashion week in 1977, “four times a year for thirty years.” A lot has changed since then. As modern day crowds swarm around the Eiffel Tower taking selfies, Lowit reflects on how much photography has changed over the years. “When I first started being a photographer, they didn’t have fashion photographers,” she says in the film. “They had photographers and they were in camouflage—big safari jackets. When I went backstage, they said, ‘you can’t be a photographer, you don’t look like one.’ And I didn’t. I looked like me.”