Sarah Ferguson AKA the Original Fergie Finally Collaborated With

She brought the poetry, he brought the beats.

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Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Before there was Fergie the singer, there was Fergie the actual Duchess, aka Sarah Ferguson. The aunt of Prince Harry and Prince William, and mother of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, has been a royal and tabloid staple since the ’80s. Though, it turns out both Fergies have something else in common aside form the name. They’ve both collaborated with

The music artist revealed as much in a recent interview when talking about the other Fergie in his life, Sarah Ferguson. His story goes like this: Ferguson invited him over for tea and she brought the poetry and he brought the beats.

“She writes poetry,” he said while making an appearance on the Lorraine shiow. “A long time ago we had tea. She was like, ‘You should come over my house for tea.’ So I went over her house for tea and she said, ‘You know I write poetry?’ I was like, ‘You know what’d be really cool? Is if you recited poetry to some of my music.'”

So will we ever get to hear the results of that jam session? Probably not. But if Fergie ever wanted to take over in the Black Eyed Peas for the singer Fergie, she would be more than welcome to do so, as has previously said. Last July when the group was gearing up to go on a reunion tour of sorts without their singer, Fergie — as she was busy working on promoting her next solo album instead, coincidentally titled Double Dutchess — offered her spot to Ferguson. “I was gonna call Princess Beatrice and take her mum’s offer up, we’re going to bring the duchess in. I’m sure nobody will notice,” he told Bizarre.

In the same interview, also revealed that the pair had a jam session — possibly another one — with Oprah Winfrey present. “We talked about doing a project together because she has awesome poems, poetry that she does,” he said of Ferguson. “Her and Oprah, we hung out. We were bumpin’ in the car in the whip and Fergie was like, ‘Yo, turn that sh-t up’.” While it’s almost impossible to imagine those words coming out of Fergie’s mouth, it’s not totally unrealistic to imagine her and driving around and listening to music with Oprah Winfrey. If there are any producers from Carpool Karaoke reading this, may we submit this trio for future consideration?