Saturday Night Live - Season 43

Saturday Night Live and Sterling K. Brown Did Amazing Impressions of the Oscars Nominees

The Oscars may be over, but Saturday Night Live still found a way to gently lampoon the stars last night on an impression-packed episode (well, okay, a sketch) of Celebrity Family Feud: Oscars Edition. With the winners battling the losers, the cast got to bust out some pretty killer takes on the nominees, like Kate McKinnon as a take-no-shit Frances McDormand, host Sterling K. Brown as rapper with a message Common and, in a brilliant move, tall and skinny young comedian Pete Davidson as tall and skinny young actor Timothée Chalamet, who is "just too cute!" Melissa Villaseñor doesn't do a Sally Hawkins impression so much as a Sally Hawkins as Eliza in The Shape of Water impression—not that we're complaining—and Alex Moffat manages to channel Willem Dafoe for a moment. Heidi Gardner mocks Allison Janney's tendency to mock herself, while all Beck Bennet has to do as Guillermo Del Toro is smile and have an accent, because Guillermo Del Toro is a happy, happy man!

Kenan Thompson reprised his role as Family Feud host Steve Harvey but got to have a meta moment with one of the contestants, Best Original Screenplay winner Jordan Peele (Chris Redd), who advised him that, eventually, a man has to move on from sketch comedy and make art. For background, the real Peele cut his teeth on MadTV and Key & Peele before writing and directing Get Out, while Thompson has been a sketch player for much longer. He grew up on Nickelodeon's All That and is currently SNL's longest-tenured cast member, right now in his 15th year on the show. To put that in further perspective, Kenan has been on Saturday Night Live since the second Bush's first term. Kenan has been on Saturday Night Live since before Facebook was invented. Seasons change, wars begin and end, empires rise and fall, but Kenan remains. (To be clear: We love him and hope he never ever leaves.)

Best of all, every joke lands whether you've seen the nominated movies or not. Check out all the great impressions in the sketch here:

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