Tucked away on Wooster Street in the heart of SoHo, Simone Rocha’s first New York store, opening today, is a small oasis in an otherwise perpetually hustling area. “After opening my store in London, it totally emphasized to me the power of having everything under one roof and being able to convey my whole message when you walk through the door,” Rocha said of her decision to open in New York. That message is instantly clear: expertly designed clothing with a heavy dose of femininity and a tinge of playfulness.

The clothes, along with shoes and accessories, line the perimeter of the space, which has a calming, airy feel thanks in large part to high ceilings and a stark white color palette punctuated with hints of pinks and reds—all designed by Rocha herself, along with her father.

The store comes six years after the Irish designer first launched her namesake brand, and just over a year after that first store in London was opened. “I learned so much more about myself as a designer and how I communicate with my customer,” Rocha said of opening her own stores. “I’ve always done shows which are driven by creativity, and then having to translate into being desirable for a whole lot of different people—I learned all that from opening London. And then, I learned the value of creating a space that shows the influence and allows you to enter a world.”

And her New York world is certainly one customers want to be a part of. “We’ve been settling up the last few days, and the New York shopper is a lot more vocal,” Rocha said. “They’ll be waiting at the door saying, ‘Are you open? Can we come in?’ Which is amazing.”

Inside Simone Rocha’s New York store.

A-List Fans of the Brand:
Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger, Keira Knightley, Lena Dunham

Interior Decor:
Cathedral-like window installations made from fabrics used in past collections; slightly mismatched chandeliers by Los Angeles-based artist Pae White; perspex display cases to match signature perspex heels; a wall-sized Louise Bourgeois painting.

Pièce De Résistance:
Rose-shaped molding around the ceiling perimeter, designed by Rocha herself, that is also included as the frame for dressing room mirrors. The dressing room also comes equipped with a honeycomb shaped paper chair that is, yes, made of paper, and, yes, you can sit on it.

Exclusive Buy:
Just as she did with her London store opening, Rocha has created a limited edition book of art, available exclusively in store. “I thought it would be nice for people who came in and didn’t want to buy anything,” she said. “I also wanted to mark the fact that I’ve worked with so many amazing people and collaborators and image-makers, which has helped shape my vision and brought me to wear I am today.” The New York iteration includes works by Roni Horn, Jackie Nickerson, and Jacob Lillis.

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