The new statement jewelry is, surprisingly, neither bead nor bauble: it’s the high-end temporary tattoo. The fashion-beauty hybrid accessory first gained “stickiness” courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel’s cheeky designs, though these days all eyes are on the community-driven brand Tattly. Two summers ago, when founder Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 5-year-old returned home from her umpteenth birthday party with the “same god-awful temporary tattoos” tucked inside a goodie bag, the Switzerland-born designer decided it was time to reinvent the temporary tattoo. Working out of her Brooklyn-studio, Eisenberg called on various like-minded digital artists and illustrators, from Madrid to Canada, to create off-the-cuff kitschy designs for both kids and grown ups.

Today there are over 200 designs featured on the website, ranging from kid-friendly (think piñatas and ice cream) to the more adult-only (i.e., affirmations like “hustle” and “fuck that,” and mini-bottles of Pinot Grigio.) Our favorites are James Victore’s super scribbles (they look like Charlie Brown’s thought bubbles) and Julia Rothman’s digital watches, inspired by Casio’s classic F-91W throwback. Though, her versions spell out “LATE” and “LOVE,” reminders that may be just as telling as the time.