If you spotted a fleet of retro convertibles flying down the I-10 carrying some of your favorite supermodels and actors in the backseat last Thursday, rest assured that it wasn’t a mirage—you had simply crossed paths with UGG’s Open Road road trip en route to Coachella.

Rather than load up a few nondescript Ubers—the festival sets’ usual form of transportation to get from Los Angeles to Palm Springs—the brand turned the three-hour drive into an adventure as part of a celebration of UGG’s partnership with Desert X, a site-specific, contemporary art exhibition that is held annually in the Coachella Valley. This year UGG sponsored Colombian artist Iván Argote’s sculpture, A Point of View, an installation overlooking the Salton Sea that examines the link between the individual and the environment through a series of staircases, which offer alternate perspectives on the view and on life—naturally, it was one of the road trip’s many Instagram-friendly pitstops.

Joining in on the journey were the likes of Slick Woods, Tommy Dorfman, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and newly minted Victoria’s Secret Angel Leomie Anderson, who all gleefully posed atop the classic cars before making it to our final destination: Palm Springs—and, more specifically, a cocktail party at the Villa Royale with fellow celebs like H.E.R., Billie Lourd, Bria Vinaite, and Winnie Harlow.

It was in a secluded bungalow where Woods posted up with a plate of untouched appetizers sitting in front of her. “I’m allergic to onions,” she offered by way of explanation. “I can eat cooked onions for some reason.” It was a characteristically unfiltered conversation starter for the notoriously candid 22-year-old. Here, the model breaks down her road trip experience, festival style, and how being a mom has changed her.

How was your road trip?

The road trip was lit. I really wanted to stick my foot out of the window, but I didn’t want my slide to come off. I wanted to be like the Geico pig, like, “Wheeee.”

Have you done a road trip before?

Yes. I actually drove from L.A. to Minneapolis with my cousin. That road trip was cool, but I was being rocked like a baby—I was like, “I need a carseat.” This was when we were both like 18. We switched on and off driving, but I was not trying to drive.

Are you a good driver?

I am a good driver. But I drive really fast. I’m like, “Fuck a ticket.”

Have you ever gotten one?

I’ve actually never gotten a ticket. I’ve never been in a car accident either. I almost got into a fender bender, but that’s because this guy just stopped in the middle of the street.

Do you ever drive in New York?

Absolutely not. What type of foolishness is that. That’s disrespectful.

How many times have you been to Coachella before?

This is my second time. I’m not a big music festival person. I get overwhelmed very easily. I get overwhelmed when two people are talking to me at the same time. Last year was my first Coachella. It was cool. I stayed in Marilyn Monroe’s old suite and it was super haunted. I’ve never believed in ghosts until then.

What happened?

Like, the shades just opened. And when I was sleeping, the lights turned on. I’m thinking it might be the automatic ones, but then it goes, “Whoosh.” This is like 4 a.m. So I called my agent like, “Yo, it’s crazy in here, you have to come over.” And he’s like, “Baby, you’re fine.” I started crying and all of this. And before he even gets to the suite, the bathroom light turns on and the mirror swings open. I’m like, “Is this bitch fixing her lipstick? Bitch, I’m asleep! If you want to fight, we can fight, but I’m sleepy!” It was crazy.

What else did you learn from your first Coachella?

Never eat food at Coachella. Don’t go hungry, because everything is far away as fuck, and then you have to stand in a line. And I was pregnant.

How was doing Coachella sober?

I think my baby was dancing a lot. I was like, “Okay, so you lit.” I would just criss-cross applesauce sit down in the dirt.

Did people know you were pregnant?

I didn’t even know I was pregnant. But I couldn’t keep anything down. I couldn’t even keep down water. I could only eat applesauce. And I was four of five months pregnant.

So are you looking forward to this year more?

I’m not a music festival person, so I’m just going to stick to the UGG crew and keep it low key and cozy. I really like these slides [I’m wearing]. I have the Heron Preston ones, too, which I really like, because I love pull tabs. But now my nails are too long. I’m like, “Fuck I need a stylist.”

Are you excited to see any of the performances?

I don’t even know who is here. I’m like, “Don’t care.” I might go to the Moschino party because I have to pay respect to my baby Jeremy [Scott]. I got The Sims bathing suit with the little stars and it’s so sick.

Did you play The Sims growing up?

I would play it for like 24 hours straight. I would sit there like I’m watching porn but then you turn around the computer and it’s like me trying to take care of a baby. And then you gotta get the Deluxe [expansion pack], and that shit is expensive.

Do you have a lot of friends here this weekend?

Leomie is one of my really good friends. She taught me which eye to cover for i-D magazine when I got the cover. I texted her like, “I got the cover,” and she’s like, “I’m so proud of you. Let me google which eye.” She’s so supportive and one of the few people, to me, in this industry who has no jealousy. She’s hilarious, and she’s secure. And her boyfriend is amazing. I went to one of his shows when I was pregnant.

So you did not slow down when you were pregnant?

No! I was like onstage with Joey Bada$$. Who is to say that a pregnant woman can’t do stuff?

Have you changed since you had the baby?

Now I’m a bugaboo. I don’t like to leave my son, ever. I was alone with him for at least five months. Now he is seven months and two days, and my mom has him some days and I’m like Facetiming her. I’m hovering. I’m like, “Don’t let him watch TV! You heard about that Momo stuff. Don’t let him look at your phone!”

When do you head to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival and your film Goldie?

The 24th. I have the premiere coming up.

Do you know what you’re going to wear?

I’m going to wear the same coat I wore in the film. I’m trying to see if me and my sisters can match.

How was filming your first movie?

It was really hard. Rosie Perez walked me through a lot of it, but it was too similar to my life. I was reliving every terrible moment I ever lived, but thirty times over. It got to a point where one time I just took off my mic and was like yelling at the fake police like, “You guys are just playing dress up.” I’d go cry in the bathroom, quit, and then come back like, “Sorry guys. My bad.” All the tears are real. That shit was real to me.

Have you seen the final cut?

Yeah, I saw it. Maybe other actresses can relate to this, but it’s like watching a long Snapchat of your voice. And you’re like, “Goddamn my voice is annoying.” And it was funny seeing me in wigs and doing different things. And I’m doing a new upcoming project right now. I want to incorporate more acting into my life. We’ll see how it goes though. You always think you killed it.

Are there any types of roles you really want to do?

I’ve always wanted to be an X-Men or a superhero, like Catwoman. Or even a male superhero. That’d be sick.