SNL Pitted Lady Gaga and Glenn Close Against Each Other on ‘Family Feud’

She was joined by Kyle Mooney as Bradley Cooper.

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

On last week’s Saturday Night Live, Melissa Villaseñor debuted her winning Lady Gaga impression much to the delight of the entire internet. Clearly, the brain trust at SNL realized that they’d hit on something special, because this week, they decided to build an entire sketch around fake Gaga.

She was joined by a gaggle of fellow Oscar contenders for a game show parody called Celebrity Family Feud: Oscars Nominees. Gaga was on team “Oscar newbies,” alongside Pete Davidson as Rami Malek, Chris Redd as Mahershala Ali, and Kyle Mooney as Bradley Cooper. Cooper of course, has more than a few Oscar noms under his belt, but these two have been joined at the hip this awards season, so why not here?

Together, they faced off against showbiz vets like Spike Lee, who was played by host Don Cheadle, Sam Elliott (Beck Bennett) Glenn Close (Kate McKinnon), and Olivia Colman, whose boozy British charm was captured perfectly by Cecily Strong.

Despite the impressive roster, this was the Villaseñor show. “If 99 people are surveyed, you just need one person to believe in you to win the game,” she said, spoofing what has become Gaga’s awards season mantra. She even gave us a bit of that “Shallow” wail, which we first saw on last week’s Weekend Update. Cooper also chimed in, telling Keenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey that he “saw this woman at the Super Bowl half time show” and had “this wild thought.”

“I thought ‘maybe she could play a singer,’” he said. Well. duh.

The real life Cooper and Gaga are set to take the stage next Sunday, when they perform “Shallow” during the Oscars telecast. While Cooper has joined Gaga for a performance of the hit song once before, next week’s performance will mark the first time they take the stage together in an official capacity. But if you can’t wait that long, watch fake Cooper and Lady Gaga do their thing below.

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