Saturday Night Live - Season 43

Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Addressing the still-unfolding Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal, Saturday Night Live took aim at male-run Hollywood in last night's episode with "Film Panel," in which Kate McKinnon plays fictional old school star Debette Goldry. As always, Debette's stories of the bad days of moviemaking are hysterical and surreal, while subtly relaying the message, "Hollywood, we have a problem."

In this iteration of the sketch - the only all-female segment of the episode, which was hosted by the charming Kumail Nanjiani - Debette, Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong), and Viola Davis (Leslie Jones) sit down with Glamour.Com editor Karen Domineau (Aidy Bryant) to discuss sexual harassment in the wake of the Weinstein allegations. But it quickly becomes clear that Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg. Both Viola and Marion have had uncomfortable experiences with producers and directors, and Debette, well, "I actually did have one meeting with Harvey, okay?" she recounts. "I was invited to his hotel room. And when I arrived he was naked, hanging upside-down from a monkey bar. He tried to trick me into thinking his genitals were actually his face. It almost worked. The resemblance is uncanny."

The toughest critique is directed not at Weinstein but at Hollywood men in general, when Debette explains that she and her fellow actresses had a super-secret code for telling each other about men to stay away from without letting on as to what they were talking about. The code was "he raped me," because once women start talking about rape, men just tune them right out.

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