Many beauty brands are putting their money where their mouths are these days, whether by donating products and proceeds to healthcare workers or sharing support for Black Lives Matter. But as we transition from short term activism to long term choices, it makes sense that we’d reassess our habits, including where we shop to stock our vanities and medicine cabinets. And while opening your purse to donate directly to your favorite organizations is always the best option, if you’re going to buy shampoo or face wash, it might as well benefit a cause you care about. From big initiatives by Tower 28 to lesser-known products that support social justice with each purchase, there are plenty of ways to make giving back a part of your everyday routine. Here, a few options to start:

Tower 28

If you’ve been on social media lately, it’s quite possible you’ve seen Clean Beauty Summer School’s cheery orange and blue graphics. Led by Tower 28 founder and CEO Amy Liu with cosigns from beauty industry heavy hitters like Sephora, Ulta and Credo, the program is “is a collective effort by female founders and leaders in the beauty industry to support the growth of majority Black-owned small beauty businesses.” Applications have now closed, but the program will offer courses and mentorship to 10 Black-owned businesses, plus one finalist will receive a $10,000 grant from the New Voices Foundation.

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TO APPLY AND FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE LINK IN BIO ✨ Help us get the word out! A letter from our founder, Amy Liu: Starting a new business is hard and I had a head start after 15 years in the Beauty industry. I am grateful to have the privilege of education, experience, and network which made all of it easier. And trust me, it’s still hard. Recently I got an email asking if Tower 28 would be offering grants or loans for Black-owned small businesses as some other beauty brands have pledged. As a small company ourselves, I wrote her back and told her that we are unable to offer financial help but that I would be happy to set up time to give her advice if that would help. And that got me thinking —more valuable than money, I could offer my time, resources, and knowledge, lessons learned from the front lines... and what if I could get a few girl bosses from the industry to do the same? And that’s how Clean Beauty Summer School was born. Together, we are a group of Beauty industry vets turned entrepreneurs who understand firsthand the struggle and challenges of starting a brand because we are IN IT. Our mission is simple, to come together and collectively share our most valuable resource - time, mentorship, network and education - in an effort to accelerate Black-owned Beauty businesses and make the Beauty industry better, more diverse and inclusive. Tower 28’s mission from the beginning has been to make clean beauty more accessible for EVERYONE. We are thrilled to help bring our mission to the beauty industry and work towards making it a more diverse and inclusive one, too. XOXO, Amy

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Another member of the Clean Beauty Summer School, a portion of each purchase from this wildly popular New York-based hair care brand goes toward providing 100,000 meals (initially they set a goal of 50,000) through the Food Bank for NYC.

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In perpetuity, 100 percent of profits of J.Hannah’s nail polish shade Dune will be donated to various human rights organizations. The first round of donations benefited the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Los Angeles Community Action Network and the NAACP. 

Base Butter

Slated for an August restock, Base Butter is now donating 10 percent of all profits each month to organizations doing work to dismantle systemic racism, such as The Loveland Foundation. Additionally, they’ve partnered with JOYDAY to launch Finding Yellow, "a therapist-led workshop series structured to create a place for Black people to heal and find joy."

Aether Beauty

Aether Beauty has been known for their recyclable packaging and commitment for making shadows and shimmers that compliment every skin tone. Their newest launch, Supernova Crushed Diamond Highlighter, was created specifically for deeper skin tones. Better yet, 10% of product sales go to United Roots Oakland which provides low-income youth of color with mentorship, peer and meditation groups, and job training.

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Shine bright like a 💎! The newest golden hour Supernova Crushed Yellow Diamond highlighter is here 🙌! ✨💎💛✨💎💛A SUPER-SOFT, ETHEREAL GOLDEN GLOW HIGHLIGHTER FOR THE PERFECT RADIANT GOLD SPARKLE FINISH. CAN BE WORN ON CHEEKS, EYES, LIPS AND DÈCOLLETÈ. ✨ ETHICALLY SOURCED DIAMOND POWDER: HELPS TO PROTECT COLLAGEN WHILE ILLUMINATING THE SKIN WITH ITS LIGHT REFLECTIVE PROPERTIES.💎 HONEYSUCKLE FLOWER EXTRACT: HELPS TO IMPROVE UNEVEN SKIN TONE AND IS NATURALLY ANTI-BACTERIAL.💖 ORGANIC ROSE HIP OIL: WHICH PROVIDES RADIANT LOOKING GLOWING SKIN. 🌹 INNOVATIVE FORMULA: CREATES A PURE SHINE, WITHOUT FILLERS FOR THE PERFECT SPARKLY GLOW. CAN BE USED ON EYES, CHEEKS, LIPS AND BODY. PRO TIP: MIX WITH A BODY OIL FOR AN ALL OVER SUMMER GLOW! ✨ 10% OF SALES GOES TO UNITED ROOTS OAKLAND WHICH PROVIDES LOW INCOME YOUTH OF COLOR WITH PROGRAMS INCLUDING MENTORSHIP, MEDITATION GROUPS, MEDIA + DIGITAL ARTS TRAINING, ART + MUSIC CLASSES, AND CONNECTIONS TO JOB OPPORTUNITIES.🙌 🌎Good for your skin, good for the earth, good for all #goodvibesbeauty #nosacrificebeauty #cleanbeautyforall #sustainablemakeup #ethicalbeauty #ethicalmakeup #aetherbeauty #vegancosmetics #vegancleanbeauty #cleancosmetics #recyclablemakeup #crystalmakeup #cleanbeautythatworks #leapingbunny #petacertified #crueltyfreecosmetics #childlaborfree #slowbeauty #recyclablepackaging #slowbeautymovement #slowfashionbrand #consciousconsumption #crystalclean #consciousconsumerism #cleanbeautyforall

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Herbivore Botanicals

This Instagram-friendly brand has a range of products that give back with every purchase. Sales of their Prism Glow Serum and Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial funnel money to LGBTQIA+ organizations year-round, with $1 for every sale being donated to The Trevor Project, though the end of 2020. Additionally, they've pledged to donate $1 of each purchase of the newly launched Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser to Black Lives Matter through the end of 2020.

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Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser She’s here! ☁️🌸☁️ You asked for a low-foaming, non-drying, non-fragranced cleanser so we created Pink Cloud Rosewater + Tremella Creamy Jelly Cleanser. This dreamy, pH-balanced formula effectively cleanses, hydrates and preps your skin so the rest of your skincare works better. Formulated without sulfates and synthetics, Pink Cloud Cleanser contains a dream team of cleaner than clean hydrating ingredients: ☁️Tremella Mushroom: Holds up to 500 times its weight in water, making it a hydration and humectant powerhouse which adds a bouncy, jelly texture. ☁️Rose Water and Coconut Water: Effectively + gently hydrate and nourish skin. ☁️Vegan Squalane: Helps remove makeup and put the creaminess in the creamy-jelly texture. ☁️Decyl Glucoside: A sugar-based surfactant that provides a low-foam super creamy lather for comfortable, gentle cleansing. ☁️Caprylhydroxamic Acid: A natural coconut-derived amino acid and effective preservative that we use to keep your formula fresh and non-toxic. 🌎Packaged in sustainable and recyclable glass packaging. Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 🌎Additionally, $1 of every Pink Cloud Cleanser sold for the rest of 2020 will be donated to Black Lives Matter to help continue the fight against racial inequality and injustices in the United States. ☁️Now available on and @sephora .com

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Hanahana Beauty

Another popular all-natural skincare brand that's out of stock for the moment, Hanahana is committed to paying two times the fair trade price for their shea butter from the Katariga Women's Shea Cooperative in Ghana, as well as providing healthcare checkups. Can’t wait for the restock? Donate directly to their fund, here.

Noto Botanics

Founded by Gloria Noto, the brand’s Agender Oil is always a giveback product. One hundred percent of the direct to consumer profits go to a rotating cast of charities like Planned Parenthood, The Okra Project and more. 


For the launch of their first hand cream, the brand donated 10,000 products to medical workers across the country, and early on in the Black Lives Matter movement, Glossier took steps that paved the way for many big name brands to follow: on top of donating $500,000 to organizations combating racial injustice, they've also pledged an additional $500,000 in grants to Black-owned beauty brands.