In Personal Shopper, Kristen Stewart plays Maureen, a—wait for it—personal shopper who learns she can still communicate with her dead brother Lewis. Unsurprisingly, the film has quickly become known as the movie where K.Stew talks to ghosts, or the movie that Stewart promoted with her newly shaved head. Of course, then there are those who have actually seen the film. And for them, the real news is the emergence of French actress Sigrid Bouaziz.

Bouaziz stars as Lara, the ex-girlfriend of Lewis, who provides a grieving Maureen with a sense of calmness and clarity. Through the screen, Bouaziz emanates a similar feeling; there's a sense of familiarity, though the actress is still unknown in the Hollywood realm, that makes you wonder why you haven't seen her before—and when you can next.

Though the Olivier Assayas film is her first major breakthrough stateside, Bouaziz has been starring in French films steadily since 2012, including the 2013 short Pour la France, for which she received the Best Actress award at the Festival du Film de Vendome.

Though she may not exactly be tabloid fodder like Stewart just yet, the French actress does have plenty in common with her American co-star, including a starring role in the fashion world; namely, the lead in Fendi's new fashion film titled Girls Secret, premiering exclusively on W. In the film, Bouaziz plays a modern day Marie Antoinette, galavanting around Paris with her friends, wearing the latest from the house's pre-fall 2017 and spring 2017 collections, in all their girly glory. The clip, which clocks in at just under two minutes, is directed by French film director and screenwriter Rebecca Zlotowski, who also directed the film Planetarium, starring Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp, and captures Bouaziz taking in a whirlwind evening out in the City of Lights, complete with plenty of covetable accessories. Here, the actress talks Fendi, her personal style, and her most memorable night out.

What was it like playing a 2017 version of Marie Antoinette in the Fendi short?
The film is about the night out of a modern Queen of France, who, hiding her secret identity, wanders around Paris from sunset to dawn with her court of coquette friends. I loved playing the role of a nowadays Marie Antoinette and put myself in the shoes of such an emancipated, free, and self-confident woman, just like she was at her time.

What does your own ideal night out include?
My most memorable night out was in Cadaques in Spain during the summertime, where my friends and I had a crazy night dancing on the beach for the full moon party. The best nights out involve best friends, good music to dance to, and the feeling that the present could never end.

Describe your personal style.
It's a mix of a lot of styles.

What is your most prized possession in your closet?
A Chloé vintage dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Who are your style icons?
Chloé Sevigny, because she's modern and sensual. Or Kristen Stewart; boyish, ultra-feminine, and sensual all at the same time.

You just worked with Stewart, as well as directer Olivier Assayas in Personal Shopper. What was that experience like?
I loved it so much. Both of them were so caring; it was a deep, rare, and generous exchange between us.

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