Sofia Coppola Makes Her Operatic Debut in Valentino

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola in Valentino at the opening of La Traviata in Rome, Italy, May 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Who: Sofia Coppola.

When: Sunday, May 22.

Where: Opening night of the Coppola-directed production of La Traviata, with costumes by Valentino.

What: A sheer black Valentino Fall 2015 Couture gown with a cuff bracelet and drop earrings.

Why: For the Sunday night premiere of La Traviata, the red carpet was a sea of Valentino, Coppola among them. But she stood out from the rest (she's been a Valentino fan for a while, judging by red carpet appearances; she's worn the label at Cannes, on the press trail for The Bling Ring, and sitting front-row at their Milan shows), selecting a couture gown from the Fall 2015 collection and embellishing with a tiny white flower at the waist and a set of stunning jewels.

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