Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, the 20 year-old daughter of model-turned-photographer Amanda de Cadenet and Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, has that potent mix of fashion and music running through her veins. Throw in an LA upbringing and its clear why vintage boots, airy floral dresses and judicious touches of leather round out her easy personal style.

Our June It Girl dissected a long laundry list of wardrobe favorites, a newfound penchant for hot sauce and her love of denim (yes, she’ll even rock a Canadian Tuxedo). Read on for more.


Define your style in three words: Boyishly girlie, casual, chic.

Daily uniform: Black jeans, vintage tee, ankle boots.

Greatest hits: I was recently given a dress by this clothing line called Wren, it’s a long dress with space printed on it, with cut outs near the waist. I’ve been living in it. I also got one of the Christopher Kane rainbow dresses for my birthday, I was so obsessed with that entire collection so that’s gotta be up there in terms of favorite pieces. When I was in NYC recently, I got a dress from a store called American Two Shot, it’s a jean tank top dress [by Dusen Dusen] with some white paisley prints on it. I just got it but it shot to the top of my list of favorites. There’s also my vintage Corvette t-shirt that I stole from one of my best friends a few years back. My cashmere mulberry sweater with the printed pear on it is one of my ultimate favorite sweaters ever—I get so many compliments on that thing! My friend recently gave me a vintage Bijan men’s denim shirt, it’s super comfortable and easy. And of course my vintage floral dresses…

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Preferred footwear: Isabel Marant Dicker boots—since I got those I stopped wearing every other pair of shoes in my closet. I have a few pair of vintage Harley Davidson boots I also wear all the time and I recently splurged on some red Chloe studded ankle boots, but damn they were worth it!

Finishing touches: My black Celine box bag, Acne leather jacket, Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted moisturizer, Benefit Benetint, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara.

Nighttime look: I really don’t change that much in between what I wear during the day and what I wear at night. If I’m going to some sort of event, I might throw some heels on, or switch up my big purse for a clutch, or put on one of my nicer dresses.

Best recent discovery: Sriracha hot sauce!! I can’t believe I had never tried it until about two months ago, and now I’m totally hooked.

Favorite stores: Necromance in Los Angeles. Topshop (I can’t help it). Net-a-porter—I really love that website. And although I know they aren’t technically stores, I find most of my good stuff at all the flea markets around LA.

Style pet peeve: Boys in flip flops. This is NEVER OKAY!! Also, I can’t stand fedoras.

Style icons: To be totally honest, I really have never known what to say when I get asked this question. I guess I’d have to say my mom—I really developed my style around hers. I also always had a girl crush on Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth. I love the way those girls pull their looks together and how they mix all sorts of clothes together (old and new).


Last purchase: Well, my last purchase was what I was lusting after— those red Chloe boots! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Lusting after: A new boy to crush on! But no really…probably the Anita Ko cat mask diamond necklace… A girl can dream.

Favorite haunts: The Darkroom.

Warm-weather must haves: Jean shorts, a good pair of sandals, a jean jacket (sometimes I even rock the Canadian Tuxedo), a good pair of sunglasses (mine are currently the Celine “Paris” glasses) and obviously a good bathing suit! (My favorites are by Missoni and Topshop.)

Next vacation: I’m going with my dad to the South of France and Italy in July, which I’m really looking forward to. He’s touring around, so it should be a lot of fun!