Suki Waterhouse Gets Steamy with Amanda Lepore in “Johanna” Music Video

In her new video for “Johanna.”

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - April 26, 2018
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

People always take note of when the “simulation” seems to be glitching, but isn’t it more depressing when the algorithm works a little too perfectly? Movies that are engineered for Oscar glory (see: The Goldfinch), musical collaborations designed to scam Spotify and the Billboard charts (hello to that Justin Bieber remix of the Billie Eilish song), television shows brainstormed to keep you clicking “next episode”… it can all be so soul-suckingly boring.

Which is why we especially savor those cultural moments that couldn’t possibly have been dreamt up by an entertainment executive or engineered by a computer program. Moments no one could have predicted. Moments like British It girl-actress-model-photographer-designer-singer (and rumored Robert Pattinson girlfriend) Suki Waterhouse collaborating with the eternal queen of New York clubland Amanda Lepore for a steamy music video inspired by, of all things, the Whitney Houston movie The Bodyguard.

The video is for Waterhouse’s latest single “Johanna,” a song about unrequited love. Waterhouse, clad in a man’s suit and sunglasses, plays a loyal bodyguard while Lepore, as always, is done up in her over-the-top old Hollywood glam to play a starlet. In between attending to her security duties, Waterhouse steals glances at her boss until the two break the tension and engage in a steamy slow dance.

Waterhouse tells Nylon that she stalked Lepore on Instagram (where she has close to 400,000 followers) before getting in touch with her for the video. “She had the most beautiful array of dresses and jewelry with her that were so dazzling,” the Detective Pikachu star told the site. “I was quite nervous, I wanted to make sure everything was good enough for her because she’s such an icon.”

While Waterhouse has recently been concentrating on her acting career (she’s appeared in everything from Absolutely Fabulous to Assassination Nation), she’s released an occasional single pretty steadily since 2016.

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