Superpower Dressing

Diane von Furstenberg and Diana Prince (better known as Wonder Woman) have a few things in common.…


Diane von Furstenberg and Diana Prince (better known as Wonder Woman) have a few things in common. Not only do the designer and the superhero share brunette manes, smoldering features and similar first names, but they also manage to make near-impossible tasks look easy—whether that means bending a steel beam or spinning a defunct 20-year-old label into a modern fashion empire. The wrap-dress queen’s admiration for her comic book alter ego is so great, in fact, that she’s carried a picture of Wonder Woman around in her diary for years. Now von Furstenberg is taking things one step further, teaming up with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to create a capsule collection of clothing and accessories inspired by her idol. Von Furstenberg’s aim is to create fashion, not costumes, so don’t expect any strapless leotards. Instead, she’ll take inspiration from such Wonder Woman symbols as shooting stars and fireworks, both of which show up on dresses. The collection, priced in line with von Furstenberg’s other merch, will launch in October at Diane von Furstenberg boutiques and other stores that stock her label. In addition, a Wonder Woman T-shirt, travel blanket and journal will be offered exclusively at DVF shops to benefit Vital Voices Global Partnership, a nonprofit devoted to female empowerment. “It very much fits into my belief that every woman should be the Wonder Woman she wants to be,” von Furstenberg said of the project. “It fits the spirit of my clothes, of the woman I dress.”

Image: DC Comics/Warner Bros./Neal Peters Collection