Who Is Susie Abromeit? Get to Know the Marvel Actress and Andrew Garfield’s New Girlfriend

Love has blossomed in the Marvel cinematic universe for Andrew Garfield and Susie Abromeit.

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Andrew Garfield, or the artist formerly known as Spider-Man, has reportedly found love in the Marvel cinematic universe with Susie Abromeit, a lead actress on Jessica Jones.

The relationship was first rumored when photos of Garfield and Abromeit getting handsy on a beach in Malibu surfaced, after the duo two were seen at Disneyland, a favorite destination of Garfield’s (he once revealed to W that his favorite birthday involved a marijuana-fueled trip to the amusement park), on September 9.

Susie Abromeit—who currently stars as Pam, alongside Krysten Ritter, on the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones—has previously snagged arcs on soapy shows like As the World Turns, The Haves and the Have Nots, Devious Maids, and Chicago Med, as well as B comedies, like Sex Drive and Sydney White.

But before Abromeit became an actress, she was fully invested in developing her career as a tennis player, and even scored a scholarship to Duke while playing the sport. In fact, way back in middle school, she played tennis with another Marvel man—Chris Evans. In an interview with Healthy Living, Abromeit revealed how she came to the realization that she wanted to make the career switch to the entertainment industry. “I remember booking a lead in the school play but had to turn it down because of my hectic tennis schedule, so I never got a chance to really develop that part of me,” she said. “Throughout my tennis career, I was always drawn to the arts, but it wasn’t until I was at Duke where I realized the possibility of making it my career.”

While acting, Abromeit splashed around the idea of starting a singing career and released a single called “Baby You Got Me,” then shifted gears toward the co-creation of Famous Adjacent, a Web series about actors trying to make it in Hollywood, starring Abromeit as well as Twilight costars Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz.

While Abromeit is a full-time creative who likely will not return to the courts any time soon (“I spent many of my years abusing my body on the tennis court, playing through injuries and putting unnecessary stress on it,” she said in her interview with Healthy Living), the actress still sticks to her tennis roots, and even made the trip out to New York for the U.S. Open last week, according to her Instagram.

Abromeit and Garfield have yet to make their relationship Instagram official, but it may only be a matter of time.

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