The Quann Sisters Love Vintage, Lisa Bonet, and Being Comfortable

The fashionable duo, who recently collaborated with & Other Stories, share a page from their style notes.

The Quann sisters

Takenya and Cipriana Quann, who are often referred to as the Urban Bush Babes, are well known for their distinct personal style and modeling gigs. (Their most recent, a campaign for new Swedish label & Other Stories, can be seen here.) Less well known—until now—is their mutual penchant for food. Here, the identical twins open up about their favorite things.

Define your style in three words: Bohemian, dressy, casual.

Daily uniform: DIY shredded baggy jeans, oversized jackets/blazers, and high-waisted pants/skirts.

Greatest hits: Fringed cropped jacket, old leather motorcycle jacket, high-waisted leather pants, dusters and blazers.

Preferred footwear: Being comfortable—no matter the heel height.

Finishing touches: Lipstick, rings (we are ring addicts), and—most important—confidence.

Nighttime look: Oversized blazers, kimonos, dusters with crop tops, baggy pants with heels or trousers with oxfords.

Best recent discovery: The Mobile Vintage Shop, a store-on-wheels that sells amazing clothing in Brooklyn; and Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery on the Lower East Side, for cupcake connoisseurs like ourselves. Also, the veggie burgers at Tutu’s in Brooklyn.

Favorite stores: Whole Foods, vintage shops, Barnes & Noble, and vinyl record stores.

Style pet peeve: When people try to impose their style pet peeves upon others.

Style icons: Lisa Bonet, Diane Keaton, Solange, and our beautiful mother.

Last purchase: A bag of rice and green tea, which increases your metabolism, so we can eat more food. We are HUGE foodies!

Lusting after: Trips to Japan, Hawaii, and a cottage in the South of France.

Favorite haunts: We take cuisine very, very seriously. For some of the best bar food in New York definitely go to Branded Saloon in Brooklyn; their burger is a little piece of heaven. In Manhattan, we are regulars at Pianos, a bar on the Lower East Side, and Market Café in Midtown for amazing happy hour specialty cocktails.

Must-have for fall: Oversized blazers, plaid, leather, fringe, dusters and high-waisted pants/skirts.

What’s always in your bag: Kindle or favorite book of the moment, iPod shuffle, Mac, camera, lipstick and always an umbrella.

Photos: The Quann Sisters Love Vintage, Lisa Bonet, and Being Comfortable

The Quann sisters. Courtesy of & Other Stories.

A drawing of Cipriana and Takenya by Sara Jean-Baptiste. Courtesy of Instagram

The Quann sisters as children. Courtesy of Instagram.

Cipriana Quann. Courtesy of & Other Stories.

Cipriana Quann. Courtesy of Instagram.

The Quann sisters as children with their mother. Courtesy of Instagram.

Courtesy of & Other Stories.