Taylor Hill “Blacked Out” During Her First Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Fitting

See exclusive images of the 21-year-old’s fitting for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


On a steamy day in late August, a goddess was posing for pictures in the middle of a corporate office in Midtown Manhattan. Or, rather, Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill dressed as a goddess was posing for pictures. When it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, is there really any difference?

Hill was attending her first fitting for the 2017 Victoria’s Fashion Show, which officially taped in Shanghai, China, on Monday evening and where she showed off a gauzy, Grecian-inspired ensemble during the show’s Goddesses segment. “I love it,” Hill said, giving her ensemble an approving once-over. “I’m still processing. It’s my first time seeing everything, so I’m very excited.”

Photo by Nick DeLieto for W Magazine.

As has come to be expected with the Victoria’s Secret Show, it was a show-stopping look involving a printed bra and underwear set with strappy detailing, paired with a swirling chiffon cape, attached to the model’s arms by gilded cuffs.

“It’s fun having a cape,” said Hill. “With wings, sometimes you don’t get to do much, you just know they are there. But when you have something fun like this, you can really play with it and have something to do on the runway.”

So, would she be tying a sheet over her body as a makeshift cape to prepare in the weeks leading up to the big big day? “Probably not,” she said, with a laugh. “I like to just wing it. It’s fun to be in the moment. I really like to seize the day, and feel the energy.”

Photo by Nick DeLieto for W Magazine.

This year’s show marked Hill’s fourth show, making her a veteran of the event. “I feel a little bit more grounded,” she said. “I’m not as nervous, but I am equally excited. Every year gets better and better, because you know what you’ve done and where you’ve come from.”

Photo by Nick DeLieto for W Magazine.

Now 21, Hill laughed as she recalled her very first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fitting just a few years ago. “I blacked out,” she said. “I was so nervous. I walked in the Pink section, and had just turned eighteen. I was shaking. They put me in a cute pant thing, and was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the show.’”

Photo by Nick DeLieto for W Magazine.

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