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Well, everyone, it's here. Taylor Swift is officially back and ready to take over your Spotify playlists for the rest of 2017.

After teasing everyone a mysterious social media blackout and then three days of creepy snake videos, the pop star finally unleashed her ultimate move: the announcement of a new single and a new album. Here we go again.

According to Swift's social media posts, her upcoming album titled Reputation will be dropping on November 10. And if that's too long for you to wait for new music, you're in luck; she also revealed that a brand-new single will be released tomorrow night. To make things even juicier, she shared what appears to be the cover art for her new album, which looks like an old-fashioned newspaper with a black-and-white photo of Swift on the front. And if you simply look at her Instagram profile, the grid of her last six posts make for a pretty striking image.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.57.18 PM.png

So what was with all the snakes? Considering that her new album is called Reputation, it definitely seems as though Swift—like her fans—has decided to reclaim the "snake" motif bestowed upon her last year after Kim Kardashian revealed the recordings that proved that Swift did in fact know about Kanye West's reference to her in his song "Famous," and make it her own.

Curiously, Swift is releasing her new song just days before the Video Music Awards, which have generally been her main domain. Of course, this year, the festivities will be hosted by Katy Perry, the singer's known nemesis, so this one can really go either way. Sunday night could either be a Swift blackout, a la her recent social media purge, or the perfect opportunity for a very public pop princess reunion.

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