Just a week after Taylor Swift's squad sleepover in NYC ahead of her Philadelphia concert, squad members assembled yet again to support Swift at Friday night's Reputation Tour concert at the MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey.

E! Online reports that the Oscar winner Emma Stone was spotted in the audience, as well as Swift's frequent musical collaborator Jack Antonoff; his sister, the designer Rachel Antonoff; and the supermodel Gigi Hadid. You have to look pretty closely at these fan photos to spot her, but, yes, that's Stone in the jeans and black top, sitting next to the male Antonoff, who attended with a blonde someone.

According to a witness who spoke to E!, Hadid and Stone were "screaming and jumping for Taylor as she sang 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.'"

Stone and Swift, despite being Hollywood darlings of a similar age, keep very different public profiles. Swift has been linked to multiple boyfriends over the span of her career, writes deeply personal lyrics, and has, famously, an army of friends. Stone, who isn't on any social media, keeps a low profile when she isn't promoting a movie, and seems to prefer one-on-one friend time; she's recently been spotted a bunch with Jennifer Lawrence. But let's not forget that it was, according to rumor, Stone who introduced Swift to her current paramour, the actor Joe Alwyn. And, not to diminish the power of female friendship at all, but wing woman–ing is truly the highest form of support you can give a pal. Finding your gal a good man? That is actual squad goals. Oh, and going to her concert is nice, too.

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