Five minutes with hair star Ted Gibson

As the hairstylist to a galaxy of celebs (including Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway), and the whiz behind many a runway coif and magazine cover, Ted Gibson is an industry rock star. But...


How will you be switching it up on What Not to Wear? Will you give input on clothes, too? No, it’s mostly just hair. But I think hair reflects fashion and fashion reflects hair. And I really think women should change their looks seasonally, or even more often. They should change their hair color and length on a regular basis.

What’s the rationale behind all that change? I think women don’t realize how important it is to keep your look fresh. It’s not just to keep your husband interested. Especially in this economy, when women are looking for jobs, I think it’s important to change your look.

Since when did you have a salon in Washington? It’s in Chevy Chase. It opened on Inauguration Day. We have a lot of clients already. It’s pretty big—about 27 chairs—nestled in between Barneys and Tiffany.

And then you’re also opening a salon in Fort Lauderdale? So spring break-y! Not anymore. Here’s my theory: Gay people move to an area, they make it really cool, hip, chic—that’s what it was like in Miami. And then it gets gentrified, or too expensive, and they move to the next area. Just like in New York City, when it was first the Village, and then Chelsea, and now Hell’s Kitchen.

So in your mind, Fort Lauderdale is— I think a lot of the gay culture has moved north from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. So it’s completely changed. They don’t allow the spring-breakers any longer. We’re partnering with the W Hotel, and we should open in October.

You’re on fire. So with all these salons and the TV gig, what’s up with your editorial career? I’m still doing a lot. I just shot the cover of Harper’s Bazaar last week and I’ve been working with Tina Fey and Paula Patton. And I’m still doing Annie Hathaway and Gabrielle Union.

I’m always jealous of your Facebook status updates because it seems like you’re forever nipping off somewhere fabulous. It’s mostly work. Like I was in Morocco recently working with Marion Cotillard. But this summer, I’ve been trying to take little three-day jaunts upstate. There’s this fantastic place we just discovered called the Emerson Resort, right outside of Woodstock. The facials and massages are great.