Oh, are the Oscars this weekend? For films that came out in...2018? Yeah, we're kinda past that, sorry! It's 2019 now, which means it's time to get excited for the movies that will hit theaters in 2020. Life comes at you fast, and entertainment comes at you even faster. Boom, whizz, kapow—you get it.

Which is all to say that we are already so excited for Tessa Thompson's just-announced new project, Sylvie, in which she'll star alongside Nnamdi Asomugha. According the The Hollywood Reporter, "Set in '50s and '60s New York City, the story follows Sylvie (Thompson) as she meets aspiring saxophonist Robert (Asomugha) when he takes a job at her father's record store in Harlem. After a summer romance that comes to an end, the two fatefully reconnect several years later and find that their feelings for each other have never disappeared." So, basically, it's If Beale Street Could Talk meets The Notebook.

Thompson's costar and co-producer, Asomugha, is a relative newcomer to the film world. After a handful of television roles, he broke out in 2017 with a role in the Sundance hit Crown Heights, and before that had a career as—twist!—a cornerback in the NFL. He had played for the Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers, and not yet dabbled in film and television when he married Kerry Washington in 2013.

Sylvie, which reportedly started production this week, is the most dramatic of Thompson's upcoming projects, especially now that she's reached superstar status and begun working mainly on blockbusters and franchises. She's on HBO's Westworld, costarring with Chris Hemsworth in the Men in Black reboot, and will voice Lady in Disney's Lady and the Tramp remake. Tessa Thompson can do it all! Except, maybe, play football? But she's got a friend who can help her with that.

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