The Art of Summer

In case you missed them, here are this week’s top art stories.


Island Spray Artist Katherine Bernhardt gives Venus Over Los Angeles gallery a tropical punch.

Loewe Hits Ibiza The Spanish fashion house goes on vacation with a luxurious new pop up shop.

Modernist Icons are Up for Sale Preview an encyclopedic auction of Eames furniture.

Exit Art More often than not, a billboard on the side of the road recedes into the scenery. But in the right—or a profoundly wrong—context, it can hold unexpected power. That sort of impact is what artist Zoe Crosher and non-profit art organization LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) were going for when they launched The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project two years ago. They asked 10 artists to put up billboards in 10 locations along I-10, beginning in Jacksonville, Florida, and ending, this month, in L.A. Here, a few tales from the road.

Face Down at the Guggenheim Pinocchio is the bestseller at the museum’s story driven exhibition.